About Sponsors

Thanks to our in-country partners and the proven TechSoup Global model supported by our generous product partners, we are making great strides towards measurable impact for digital inclusion. But neither TSG, nor its partners, can fully succeed without additional financial support. The pace of technology is lightning quick, the baseline of most of the world is still very low and there is a huge amount to be accomplished before the dream of full, global digital inclusion can become reality.

TechSoup Global wants to take the opportunity to express our deep appreciation to the committed organizations that provide critical financial support.


Microsoft’s relationship with TechSoup began in 1995, and they continue to be a key financial supporter and lead product donor today. In 2003, Microsoft helped TechSoup launch its donations platform in North America, and in 2006, they began working with TechSoup to expand the program globally. Microsoft has invested nearly $3 million to seed the growth of TechSoup Global and its network of Partner NGOs worldwide. In addition, the company has donated more than $281 million worth of software to help more than 50,000 NGOs in 21 countries deliver critical services in their communities.

Microsoft’s leadership and vision is key to the expansion of the TechSoup Global program, and their generosity brings the benefits of relevant, affordable and accessible information technology to many nonprofit organizations around the world.


In addition to the impact of its software donation program, Symantec has generously funded the launch of the donation program in Ireland.

King Baudouin Foundation

The King Baudouin Foundation provided matching grants to help fund the launch of the program in Belgium.

We welcome people, companies, and groups who share our vision to contact us for further information.

TechSoup Global (TSG) (www.techsoupglobal.org) is the technology website of CompuMentor, one of the oldest and largest non-profit technology assistance agencies in the United States. TechSoup Global offers non-profit a technology information resource with free information and support. Each month, TSG receives more than 400,000 visits from people in more than 190 countries worldwide which are looking for NGO technology know-how, advice and products to achieve their missions. TSG features more than 400 how-to articles on 14 technology topics, 15 community discussion forums, a technology news section, and the TechFinder service provider directory.

In addition to online information and resources, TSG offers the TechSoup Stock product donation service where non-profit can access donated and discounted technology products, generously provided by corporate and non-profit technology partners.

TechSoup Stock currently provides access to donated and discounted technology products, for a small administrative fee, from over 30 leading providers such as Cisco, Symantec, and Microsoft. Since its inception in January 2002, TechSoup Stock has distributed more than 1.7 million products to 50,000 non-profit organisations and freed up over $400 million for other uses.

TechSoup Slovenia forms part of the global TechSoup Technology Donation Programme, through which a group of corporate donors provide technology product donations to charitable non-profit and nongovernmental organisations around the world.